Check Your Blind Spots – March 2022

by WeCare Pharmacy Network

Hi WeCare Member,

Have you looked around your store to see what your customers see when they come and collect their repeat,
visit the clinic, or run in for an emergency headache tablet?

You as a business owner spend a lot of time in your store, things become invisible to you that could stand out to a customer when they see it. Whether it be empty shelves, dusty light fittings, pealing or yellow posters or price tags upside down. These are things that people will notice, but with viewing the same set up daily, you don’t see it – BAM !!! Store Blindness.

  • Firstly, our WeCare Team can assist with these small things, going into multiple stores daily, we have reference as to what is the norm, what are the trends and what can be avoided. We can offer solutions that will help increase the overall customer experience when they walk into your store.
  • Secondly, in each pharmacy is a complement of staff that can walk the front shop with a task of finding as many unappealing areas that could do with a bit of attention. Listening to the teams’ input can help uplift the overall morale in your store, for the pharmacy staff & the patients visiting daily.

Speak to your WeCare CSR or Business centre agent for more
information, and lets get the ball rolling. 

For more information, call us: 087 802 2621