Communication to Communities with WeCare – April 2022

by WeCare Pharmacy Network

To all our WeCare members,

From us here, the WeCare Team, we are sending our thoughts, condolences and support to those
who are affected by the flooding in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province.

Let family, friends & customers know that you are sending your thoughts out, by sending
out an SMS or Email via the WeCare platform.

SMS – Via the WeCare APP 

Email – Via the Business Centre

Social Media – Via the Business Centre or your allocated CSR.

Open & Operating

Change of hours for the pharmacy

Gathering food parcels for the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province

Sending Thoughts for those who have lost loved ones & homes 



The time for rebuilding starts small and starts now. Those kind words can make a difference
to someone in need of a bit of a pick me up.

We are here to help you, speak to your CSR or Business Centre
Agent to find out more about what WeCare offers YOU!!!

For more information, call us: 087 802 2621

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